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Welcome to Valentina's Cakes

Valentina's Cakes is a home based, family run bakery that was founded by Mary Rios. A hard working Venezuelan native who came to America following her husband, a Army soldier. Once here she worked hard and became a US citizen. As the years progressed she had a yearning to continue in her family business as bakers. She started making cakes for family and friends special events. Her homemade from scratch cakes and her Venezuelan  family recipes were such a hit and the demand so great that "Valentina's Cakes" was born. Her signature saying that goes into every design and every cake being "Made with Love". Something that you can taste on your very first bite!!!!

Contact us to see what we can do for you!​

Individualized Tres Leche and Flancocho

We have different flavor Venezuelan Tres Leche in individualized portions. Great as a snack for your lunch or desert you decide!!!

Custom Birthday Cakes

You provide the theme, size, and whether you want traditional cake or a Tres leche. We will provide the best tasting birthday ever. Guaranteed to be a hit at the party!!

Custom Wedding Cakes

You provide the details, we'll provide you with a work of art that tastes just as good, for your special day!!!


Our customers love our products and services. Contact us to find out why!

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